2010 Calendar Poster Competition

At our design-a-thon on the 14th, one of the things you can work on is a 2010 calendar poster. We will vote after the holiday break on which one we like best, and we will get it printed for members to take home. These posters will be due the week we come back from break..

Here are the requirements of the poster:

  • Must be 16″ x 20″
  • Must be 300DPI
  • Contain every day of the 2010 year (I don’t say every month because you are not restricted to the typical monthly grid layout)
  • Must use images you are allowed to use (creative commons, purchased stock images, etc.).

These are just a few requirements, if we think of any more we will let you know!

Here are some links to help you with some inspiration:

Creative Calendar Designs – Smashing Magazine

10 Creative Calendar Designs For Inspiration – Best Design Options

Various Calendar 2009 Designs – Design Inspiration Resource