Get To Know AIGA / First Meeting Of The Year

On Monday September 14th we will hold our first AIGA meeting of the year. It will be an informational meeting aimed at letting you get a feel for what AIGA JWU is all about. Everyone is welcome. Bring your room mate, bring your friend, hell bring your parents….Actually, let’s not go that far, but seriously, bring some friends.

There is no obligation to the group if you show up to this meeting. It is merely an opportunity for you to meet the group’s current officers and members, see what we do, and see what we have planned for the year.

It will be held on the first floor of the Academic Center Building in the Westminster Technology Conference Center (WTCC) at 6:00pm. As soon as you enter the building, you take a right, and go through the office. But no worries! We will post signs everywhere.

If you show up and you like what you see and hear, and think we are kinda cool, mark our follow-up meeting on your calendar. Our follow-up meeting will be the following Monday, September 21, same time same place. For more information on that meeting, click here.

For more information about AIGA, visit our about page, or watch this short video about what AIGA is all about.