Guest Speaker Mark Bevington from NineDot

Mark Bevington - Ninedot
Guest Speaker Notes //

Mark Bevington got started about 10 years ago. He attended the University of Buffalo. And has a masters from Syracuse. The name of Ninedot came from the nine dot game, and thinking outside the box.

Branding – identity as a business model & put a purpose behind it. Warren Buffett’s the world’s most successful investors says that brand is the most important factor.

1) Access & define purpose
2) Plan & set objectives
3) Execute
4) Measure – if it’s not working, fix it & tweak it.

Better thinking / Core strategy
-       environments
-       events
-       identity
-       design
-       interactive
-       research
-       events
-       advertising
-       strategy

Have some meat to your design & your brand

Nine dot’s better way of thinking

Chase the money or do something you love
It’s your passion.
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