Meeting notes – 9/28/11

On Friday October 21st from 7PM-9PM, we will be holding another one of our bowling events at Cranston Bowling, 1450 Elmwood Ave, Cranston RI. The event will be $12 per person. And as of now there is no theme and there doesn’t have to be. But if anybody wants to think of a theme and email one of the E-board members it would be fantastic! This is the weekend before Halloween so can be Halloween themed (;

Also on Friday November 4th, we are planning to attend the NYC AIGA 365 Gallery events. Concrete details still to come, but if you plan on attending we will most likely be leaving by 8AM to get to the city so we can get a jump on the day. Executive board members are trying to arrange ameet & greets with design firms in the city they visited last year.

At today’s presentation we had JWU Alumni Sam Kowalczyk come in and talk about projects and her time spent at the Business Innovation Factory. (Video of presentation to come!) Other presenters we are planning for the future are:
> Pete Cardoso – Does poster work for Lupo’s. He visited JWU last year thanks to Rob Erskine.
> 38 Studios – An entertainment and IP creation company in development on a broad range of products, including online and console video games, toys, novels, comics, film, TV, and other forms of digital media.
> Dan MacKinnon – JWU Alumni & Founder and President of Sub Culture Marketing.

Dues – something that is probably on everybody’s minds. The dues for this years groups are as follows:
> $20 to be apart of ONLY the AIGA JWU Chapter
> $50 for the National AIGA dues
We know that being a college a student and having lots of money isn’t something that goes together so well, so we gave options to still be apart of AIGA even if you can’t pay the national dues.

An idea that came up during our meeting was trying to hold an AIGA Jack O’ Lantern carving session out on Gaebe Commons possibly!

New & old members PLEASE do not be afraid to email or message on of the Executive Board members (Rob Erskine, Michelle Nutter, Andrew Calipa, Veronica Morena, Mike Pierce & Sarah Dillonaire) for ANY possible ideas you might have for fundraisers, speakers or field trips. We would love to hear from you!

I’m sorry that this post is so long, I just wanted to make sure everyone was updated on the information that was given at today’s meeting. Hope you join us at our next meeting & future events! Have a good night everyone (:


  1. Huge thanks to sarah dillonaire for this hella thorough post!